Dani Camargo was born in an extensive family of high-caliber artists, from architects to painters and writers, enticing in him a strong desire for making it himself. Today Dani's work has reached a maturity and character into a brand new style, the Comic Mystic Surrealism.

His work is inspired by a very simple principle, yet so complex, and so powerful - LIFE. Life as it simply is. Around the cosmos, and so abundant to this Planet. Mutation, and adaptation seems to be a rule from which we all share as live beings, here or anywhere. The quest for self discovery, the nonexistence of time. A power that unravels itself into both ends: the Light, and the Shadows.

Dani currently lives in California with his family, and is participating in collective, and solo exhibitions throughout Brazil and the United States. - To know more about his work, please subscribe to his Newsletters.